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Vision : Challenge Dec

Goal: Support 20,000,000 yen ($256,000)
by the end of Dec


"Christmas Charity Concert"

History of this project up to this time

Report from afflicted area

East Japan Earthquake catastrophe,
@afflicted area relief report in English

Video Report of Onagawa-town, Miyagi pref.

Video Report of Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi pref.

Psychological care seminars for disaster victims
(in process)

ƒŠƒXƒgƒ}[ƒN About Us

In afflicted area, there are people who survived.
Regretfully they lose their lives because of the mismatching after care.
NPO EJDRF is to prevent those mismatching approach
and to pray for their health physically and mentally.

About our mission

We are the non-profitable organization which started after the great earthquake in 2011.

Activity purpose

Supporting activity for the victims of Aomori pref, Iwate pref, Miyagi pref, Fukushima pref, and Ibaraki pref.

To accomplish our purpose

We will do the Specified Nonprofit Activities to the victims of afflicted area and the surrounding areas.

1.Survey and confirmation of people (and their condition)
2.Food security and support
3.Everyday commodity security and support
4.Mental health support
5.Restoration of infrastructure
6.Restoration of industry
7.Job development
8.Education support for the children

As we cooperate with the government, we send relief goods and support from both home and abroad to the afflicted area. We are the project team consist of members from international and domestic.

Introducing our team Ë

We purchase, receive and store relief goods.
And we ask for financial assistance and call for cooperation to deliver the goods.


Administrative director :
Rev.Sakae Makita

Contact information
OfficeContact information

Izumi minami 1-11-1, Akita-city, Akita-pref, §010-0198, Japan
Phone and fax number: +81-18-863-6317

Contact information
(during my absence)
Phone and fax number: +81-187-66-2368
Email address: sakamakita@gmail.com

Beneficiary bank

Japan Post Bank, Akita chuo Branch
Mizuho Bank, Akita branch
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Sendai branch


Request for donations

To enable us to do all these activities, we request
your support by considering a donation.

Beneficiary bank

To: NPO houjin Higashi Nihon daisaigai Fukko

1.Japan Post Bank,
Akita chuo branch 1153369
(futsuu (saving account))
9900 868 -1153369

2.Mizuho Bank,
Akita branch

ifutsuu (saving account))
720 -2070927

3.Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank,

Sendai branch

ifutsuu (saving account

0005 314 -0338649

Send e-mail or fax
to let us know your name,
amount of your donation,
intended usage,
and identify a need for the receipt.
fax : 018 863 6317
E-mail : sakamakita@gmail.com
name : npo ejdrf Sakae Maktia

If we do not hear from you,
we will use them for overall activity.


Contribution from business enterprises and
individuals will be tax-deductible.

Contribution and donation from overseas will be
treated according to their own regulation and law.

NPOguidelines of our corporate activities

The activity guidelines of the NPO
corporate body will be respected.

It is intended to conduct specified
non-profit activity.

We will perform any activities for the
benefit of the community widely.

It is not aimed for a specific person
or an organization to gain their
personal profit.

It is not a primarily intention to
promote religious activity nor
political cause.

It is not aimed to support, recommend,
or oppose specific candidate,
officeholder, or political party.

We will not be involved with
any violent group or any member
who is under control of them.