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Disaster Region Supporting Social Netwoking Site

East Japan Disaster Recovery Foundation's objective is to create opportunities for businesses to grow both in disaster region and outside the region to help the region's rapid economic development.
Networking Site Administrator: Sakae Makita
Domestic call: 0187-66-2368
Int'l call : +81-187-66-2368
E-mail : sakamakita@gmail.com

In order to register, it is necessary to provide following information to East Japan Disaster Recovery Foundation

Your name
Name of your company and the business category
Address of the company
Phone number & Fax number
E-mail address

Pick a project you have financial resources to execute and finish with a prospective partner.

Upon receiving a request, EJDRF will confirm the entry and will send you the contact information after we obtain the consent from those particular companies or entreprenures.

East Japan Disaster Recovery Foundation's objective is to care mental health and to create opportunity for businesses both in disaster region and outside the region to hellp economic development in the regions.

Opportunity for Joint Ventures, Loans, or Donations.

Donation 001.
Mr. Nakata (Ishinomaki Christian Center)
Currently at the disaster region, there has been continuing increase of population that requires mental health care.
For this purpose, it is necessary for many facilities to retain volunteers.
We do maintenance, so that you can use the facility to retain a large number of volunteers.
60,000,000 yen for the renovation cost.
The facility has been used as the base station for volunteer activities.
Any manner of your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Donation 002.
Mr.Ichio Kishinami (Rep. AG Network)
Donation needed, 2,000,000 yen every month.
To support the disaster area of Miyagi Prefecture Coast.
To take in and coordinate volunteer workers of aquaculture fishery.

Looking for Trading Partners.

Project 001.
Ms. Marlene Allison Li
(Sales Representative of Brazil Mata Vivo in Brazil)
Carbon materials manufacturer is looking for the user

Project 002.
Dr.Lorenzo Squinzi Gatti
(Co-Founder & VP Business Development of LASKHIMI (FIN) Ltd. in UK)
His firm establishs trustworthy investments from European firms and banks.
Have relationship with Japanese capital banks as well.

Project 003.
Mr.Yoshihiro Sasajima
(President of Japan Xypex Co., Ltd. In Japan)
He will conduct the work to prolong the life of the concrete structure, to apply a high waterproof concrete structures, and to do the work to make it strong to withstand radiation concrete structures.

Project 004.
Mr.Akira Mori
(Rep., NPO Global Mission Japan)
Iwaki city, Fukushima is looking for entrepreneurs and individuals who desire to fund a company with new technology in Iwaki city (Disaster region).
Sponsors also are welcomed.

Project 005.
Mr.Ichio Kishinami
(AG networkrep resentative) living in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture
Dealing with bio dryer to dry the wood.
This is a device that uses microorganisms to dry timbers and lumbers.
Using this equipment will exponentially improve corrosion resistance and fire resistance.
Has been used to maintain or repair of national treasure (historical buildings).
This bio drier is proven technology.
Please contact us if you are interested to buy.

Project 006.
Mr.Jim Minoru Makita
Dallas, Texas, USA.
If you wish that you make your company PR through the media in the U.S., please contact me.

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